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Winter is coming... is your fireplace ready?

We may be experiencing the last hurrahs of summer, but the evenings are getting decidedly cooler and it won't be long until we are wanting to cosy up by a roaring fire (if you haven't already caved and lit it up).

That means that now is the perfect time to prepare, stock up and undertake important maintenance to ensure that your fire keeps you snug and warm all winter long.


Stock up on firewood

Place an order for some good quality firewood and store is away from the house to avoid attracting pests. As tempting as it may be to burn some old painted or varnished wood rather than taking it to the dump, the products with which it has been treated can produce harmful fumes.

The best woods to burn are hardwoods, such as maple, oak and birch, as they burn hotter and for longer.

We, at Longbrook Logs, are already seeing an increase in orders from our most organised customers. We have a constant supply of hardwood logs and kindling for sale throughout the year, but getting a suitable delivery slot may be trickier as the weather gets colder.


Book a sweep

Quick, get one booked before the cold nights lead to a surge in demand! It is recommended by the National Association of Chimney Sweeps to get a sweep in for every three months of use when burning wood or coal, so you may need to book in a second visit if it's a long, cold winter.

Remember to get a certificate from the sweep as you may need it for your insurer in the event of a claim for fire damage.


Check your seals

The rope seals around the doors flatten over time and stop doing their job, allowing fumes to escape into your home and reducing the control that you have over the fire due to increased oxygen flow.

If you can shut a piece of paper in the door and pull it out with ease, your rope seals need replacing. You can buy replacement role and adhesive online, such as on

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