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Logs: Not just for Christmas

Sure, a log fire at Christmas is a must. But, think you don't need logs all year round? Think again!

The weather has turned and we've all piled out into our gardens. Now is a great time to get another log delivery so you can make your patio an extension of your home.

Keeping warm

Want to sit outside but find it gets a bit nippy in the evening, especially during early and late summer?

Now is the perfect time to invest in a chiminea or firepit!

Light one of these and get some cosy blankets and you'll be able to sit out by the fire without the goosebumps.

BBQ Season

Barbecue season is well and truly underway and with it comes the expense of charcoal. But, did you know that seasoned hardwood is a great, cost-effective way of barbecuing?

Cooking over hardwood gives your food a delicious wood-fired flavour. It is also an unprocessed and all-natural fuel to cook on, as many charcoals contain additional ingredients such as paraffin. Briquettes are also often bound together with sawdust, wood scraps and filler products such as cornstarch, all which can affect the flavour of your food.

Furthermore, there's no worry of messy charcoal staining your fingers and clothes.

Just make sure you use hardwood logs to cook on rather than softwood which contains more resins.

How to cook over wood

Arrange a few logs in the bottom of your barbecue and light using some tinder and kindling.

Wait until the wood has turned white with a glowing flame before putting any food on your grill.

Open the vents/dampers to increase the heat and close them to make the fire burn more slowly.

As the wood turns to ash, add more logs to maintain the cooking temperature.

If you love that smokey flavour, partially close the vents/dampers to trap the smoke inside the BBQ whilst cooking.

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